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Last Night's Phillies Game Was One Of The Best

I was looking forward to watching last night’s Phillies game. Lorenzen was a good trade for them and really looked great in his first game with the Phillies in Florida. I think I even joked that he’d throw a no hitter. He didn’t look great early in the first inning with the balls missing the plate, but he got through it.lemmy

I knew it was going to be a special game when the Phillies came up in the first inning. With Nick’s home run. The next inning, Weston WIlson made his major league debut with a bomb home run in his first at bat. He also went on to get his first stolen base in the game, not to mention catching the foul ball. The homer that he hit was one of those, no doubt about it ones. You knew it was gone. He also had his first stolen base later in the game.

The third inning brought Castellanos’ second homer of the game. That turned out to be the 200th of his career. He’s really hitting again after a bit of a slump after the All-Star break.

The game went on, and the pitcher continued to have a no hitter. I really didn’t think it would go like that after the way the first inning started. It was great to see him come back out in the eighth inning again. That’s not even common these days, since they keep the pitch counts lower. I was really hoping they’d let him pitch the ninth inning and go for the no hitter. I mean, they were ahead seven to nothing, and the Phillies are going with six starting pitchers for now, so there’s an extra day of rest for them, but it’s not something you see. In the end, he got the complete game no hitter. It’s been quite a while since the Phillies did that. It was just great to see. I wish we’d been at that game!

I feel like they caught some magic again this year after the rough start.