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Legally Blind Crossfit

Last year I began doing Crossfit to see how that worked out for me, since I have always enjoyed exercise, especially lifting. I did not know how it would work out for me due to my vision problems, but I am fortunate enough to have coaches who have been patient with teaching me stuff and have good at communicating what I was doing wrong at different times.

I can pretty much do anything that we do in the WODS, but a few movements give me issues.

The bane of my existence is wall balls. During the day, they are OK because the daylight comes in the windows and sort of lights up the area around the targets (I confirmed this by attempting and getting 50 unbroken last Saturday during open gym.) In the evening, it’s a different story, though. Due to the glare from the lights above and behind the target, I catch the ball with my face several times every time we do the movement and really haven’t memorized the target enough to be able to hit it consistently. I hate wall balls. I hate Karen.

Another movement that gives me some problems is box jumps. They just get in my head a bit, and sometimes I have to go from 24 inches to 20 inches when I find myself just staring at the box. With some practice, this will sort itself out by giving me the confidence that I can do it.

The final thing that troubles me is running. It’s not so much the running that I dislike, but I just don’t like that I don’t feel completely safe doing it due to traffic and other unknowns outside.

In general, doing Crossfit I believe has been the best thing I’ve done. The people at are our gym have been very encouraging, as have the coaches. I feel that doing this has greatly improved me physically but also mentally, and I am looking forward to seeing more positive changes.