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Micro SD Cards Are So Tiny

The other day my Fiio music player was just stopping after a second or two of playing a song yet streaming from amazon was working find. I thought that was weird but never added things up in my head. Over the past few months I’ve been having some issues with it pausing for a few seconds at a time randomly but not every time. I assumed it was something interfering with blue tooth. In hindsight that was stuff that was on the one of two micro SD cards that is no longer able to be read in it.

I have always found micro SD cards to be pretty annoying. They’re just too small. My fingers are too fat and my eyes are too bad. It never fails that I end up dropping it trying to slide it into the little metal holder thing to put it into my Fiio M11. I wish they weren’t quite as small as they are and with them being so thin I can hardly even feel it between my fingers let alone see it well enough to put it into the micro SD slot.

I guess when you think about it it’s amazing what they can cram into tiny chips these days. I remember thinking the commodore 64 used a crazy amount of transistors in a small chip for it’s processor and memory chips. Now there’s billions if not trillions of transistors in in them. it’s just so imaginably small to me. I ordered a 512GB once since that’s the closest to what I need and it’s in the sweet spot for price I think. I saw that TB ones are available now which is much more than I need and pretty pricey.

The amount of storage space that is readily available blows my mind really. My first hard drive in the 486 I bought used was a whopping 800mb. I couldn’t imagine filling that up and now my phone, computer and probably every other device with any sort of digital storage probably has much more than that. I wonder how many programs these days could even run with 800mb or ram. I’m sure none of this annoying electron shit would.

This is yet another example of why I order so much stuff online. None of the local stores that I could think of have any micro SD cards in store that are the size I want. Amazon has some that I should be able to get tomorrow so that’s what I did. I would rather have been able to just pick one up at a store tonight or tomorrow but it’s not even available. That’s just the case with oh so many things that I would really like to purchase. I know specifically what I want. I don’t want them trying to sell me something else.