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Old Alice In Chains Live Stuff

Alice in Chains, particularly the Dirt album, is some of my favorite music that has stuck with me from the 90s. It was so heavy and so dark and just so full of pain. The theme of addiction really spoke to me when I was younger because even though I never struggled with it, so many people close to me struggled with drugs. Hell, some still do now if they haven’t overdosed. That’s another topic for another day.

It’s a shame that we lost Layne Staley’s amazing voice so quickly. What I wouldn’t give to have a chance to see and hear them live. There are some good videos on YouTube from their shows, but not too many. The technology was just not readily available back in the early 1990s to get good quality records if you weren’t a professional. This one here below is one of the best. Love Hate Love really shows off what Layne was capable of doing.

The Video is Alice In Chains-Live At The Moore 1990 (Full Show) (In Color)