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Phillies Are Going To Be In The World Series

What a great surprise after the shitty start that the Phillies had this season. I had originally had high hopes for them before the season started, but then they just managed to find ways to lose games. The pieces were there, but they still managed to lose.

When they fired their manager, I knew something had changed when they seemed to turn things around essentially overnight. I thought that the hole was dug too deep, though. As the weeks and months went on, they were still doing pretty good and holding on to the wildcard spot. They beat the first team in the wildcard round. That was a good win against the Cardinals.

After that, they made the Braves look pretty bad and won that series. They seemed to really start clicking in the series, and it was outstanding to see the home games on TV. If only we could have gone to one.

Finally, they got to the series against the Padres, and I was pretty certain that they would lose that series. They had some really great wins and the one loss where Nola had a rough game. Last night’s game was fun to watch, for sure. Today’s game was a great game, and I would have said that regardless of which way it went. It had a bit of everything. I can admit that those wild pitches in the seventh inning were giving me 1993 vibes. Bryce Harper’s game winning home run was the most fitting part of the game, though.