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Phillies Game Was Poorly Done On TV

Today’s Phillies game was painful to watch today. The way the camera spent more time focused on the alumni people just talking about random shit that has nothing to do with the game was in some ways interesting at times. I grew up watching many of those players. I didn’t mind hearing the stories and banter. There was just no need to see old guys sitting at the tables. Maybe a quick shot between innings or something, but not more than that.

There was no reason for the camera to be mainly focused on them throughout the game, though. At least a small portion of the game had a small screen of the game, but that was off, and it was the full screen of the announcers for far too many of the key pitches. I didn’t turn the television on to watch the Phillies alumni, I wanted to watch the current Phillies game. There wasn’t much to watch, but still.

It was just so distracting when only brief moments of the game were shown. They should fire the production crew who thought that it was a good idea to do it like that.

I do mostly enjoy the Phillies announcers and enjoy the banter between Kruk and Tom McCarthy. We’re lucky to have Kruk.