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Poor Focus On Squats Today!

Last I was scrolling through Reddit until the end of the football game. Fuck cowboys! Just as I was zoning out getting ready to put my tablet away, I got started by pounding in the door. No one should be here 10 PM and the neighbors are disrespectful assholes, so I ignored it, figuring it was over there. I heard it again, but louder this time. I got dressed to go see what the ruckus was about, with my nerves shot at that point. No one should be here at that hour unless it’s an emergency/

It was for the neighbors, and I don’t think it was even that important enough to be pounding on the door like something’s wrong. Subsequently, Not only were my nerves shot, but I was pissed off. Eventually, I settled down and was able to get to sleep. Fast-forward to this morning, my girlfriend woke me up with her tablet lit up on the wrong side of the bed. Hers wasn’t working right, so she thought that she grabbed mine. The light on the wrong side of me startled me awake. Thankfully, a reboot fixed her tablet, but I was awake and nerves cooked again. I got up and drank my coffee.

I enjoyed my coffee but was feeling tired and not really able to focus a whole lot on what I was doing. I noticed as I was reading some articles, I was getting distracted easily.

The good thing is after sunrise, the rain changed to a moderate to heavy snow. It even whitened the ground a bit. We’ve not much of anything worthwhile so far this winter. It’s been all the warm side of the storm and except for that arctic shot near Christmas, no cold air to be found. It was nice to see some flakes flying, even if they’d only end up being meaningless.

I debated on whether I should wait until tomorrow to do that squats or just get it done today and not be getting behind on my days. After the mail came, I figured I would give the squats a shot, so I got changed and ready to get to work on the lifts.

While warming up, the squats felt good and looked good. I did feel a bit distracted, but not so much so that I couldn’t keep my focus on my lifts. As the sets got heavier they felt better as they usually do. When I got to my working set, which was the PR set of three at two hundred and sixty pounds, they felt really great. I wound up making five reps at that weight before stopping. I have zero doubts that on a different day, I was good for seven or eight reps. Today I was happy enough with how I did on a tough day.

The twenty rep portion of my squats is where things went down hill. Seven reps or so in, the weight shifted forward, and I instinctively aborted. I did have the plate clip the safe a rep or two before that fail, so that threw me off. I guess I was just off center. The rack is moved slightly, but not enough that I noticed it until after that incident.

Music for my lifting was A Pale Horse Named Death