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Portable Music Player

I have been looking off and on for the past few months for a portable music player since my Creative Zen hasn’t charged in quite a while.

It needs to have a decently sized screen so that I’m able to see it. Molly’s Fiio m7 has text that’s just too small to see.

It needs to support lossless formats. Particularly flac since I have everything ripped to that format so we can store the CDs away. I still prefer having the CDs to be able to pay nearly the same or a little bit more to have a hard copy that won’t go away if say Apple or Amazon decide that downloadable music is not profitable enough. Not to mention the data costs of streaming and they get to decide what’s available.

Over the years we’ve collected quite a few of them so it needs to have 100s of gigs of space or at least accept large SD cards to expand to what I need. I like a huge variety of music and like having it all readily accessible to suit my mood.

Bluetooth would be nice to have to link it to a Bluetooth speaker and easily listen to it while lifting in the garage or what ever and a head phone jack is a must. It would be nice if it could play streaming stuff too. Maybe I will find what I’m looking for.