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Saw Some Trucks Running Fiber On The Poles

We are unfortunately in an area that Comcast is the only true high speed option for internet service. It’s a natural monopoly, and no one else has built anything here. Sure, there’s DSL, but from everything I’ve heard about it locally is it’s slow and unreliable.

That leaves us with no choice, and Comcast knows that. They don’t need to compete and don’t compete. The only thing they do is race prices. The data cap thing turns me off on Comcast too. If it were a reasonable cap, I’d be okay with it, but I’d use the entire thing up to back up our NAS just once. I don’t think they’re enforcing it yet, but give them time, and they’ll figure out a way. Years ago, we got rid of the TV service because they kept doing the nickel and dime fees. We haven’t looked back.

I had read in one of the boro’s meeting minutes last year that they wanted to get into a franchise agreement for Glofiber to build fiber internet here. Whether that went through or not, I have no idea. I don’t even know what that company is like, but another choice is never a bad thing. I put our address into their site, and it said they have no plans to build here, but who knows?

Another possibility is last year the phone company was sold off. I had read that they intend to run fiber internet, so that’s another possibility that could be a decent option.

Watch, with our luck it’s just Comcast updating their lines, so they have an excuse to raise the prices.

I’m all for capitalism, but it doesn’t work out so well with natural monopolies, since there isn’t any completion. How much money have these big companies, cable, and phone companies gotten for broadband and just pocketed it.

On our way to Joy’s we passed by and chatted with one of the workers. He said we’ll be able to cancel Comcast in about a month. We didn’t ask who’s running the fiber optic lines..