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Slowly Converting to Zola

Hugo has absolutely served me well for the past several years. I’ve had the itch to try something new. As well as Hugo works, I just get, so brain fucked still to this day with the Go templates. They’re certainly powerful than the Tera ones that Zola uses, or so it seems, but it’s doing everything I need it to do.

The thing about the templating system that Zola is using, it is just much more understandable to me. The one that Hugo used just messed with my brain, and I had a lot of trouble grasping what it was doing due to the syntax. The Tera system is much more readable to me. The hardest part was making sense of the old layouts from Hugo to understand what it’s doing, so I could translate that into the Tera version.

The templates are now much smaller and simpler, too. I have everything mostly where I want it now, and it’s passable enough to just use Zola. I’ll keep my old Hugo stuff around, so I have it in the future to work from if I ever decided to switch back.

Zola at least seems to build the site just slightly faster than Hugo did. It’s a second or two differences, which isn’t a big deal. The one thing I’m losing is the ability to run PostCSS stuff automatically. That isn’t something I need, so I think it’s a tradeoff worth taking. The added bonus of that though is that I was able to uninstall all that JavaScript stuff.

Zola seems much faster at processing images than Hugo was. The code to generate the srcset is much simpler too! The one thing I haven’t found to rename those into something that makes more sense than the file with the hash added into the filename. Hugo had an option to copy it, but then I guess the disadvantage was that there were two copies of the same file.