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Soupault Looks Interesting!

Soupault looks interesting as a static site generator!


Thinking About Going Back To Hugo

I am strongly considering going back to Hugo. Not because I don’t like Zola, but because Hugo supports AsciiDoc which looks very intriguing to me.


HSL Colors

All these years, I’ve been using hex colors because that’s what I knew. I recently read about HSL, which is more intuitive, so I switched to that.


Messing Around With Making SVG Charts From My Weather Data

I am messing around with using Zola to generate SVG charts from my monthly and yearly weather data.


Adding Sunrise And Sunset Times To My Weather pages

I have been wanting to add sunrise and sunset data to my weather history pages for a while now. I finally did so yesterday.


Slowly Converting to Zola

Hugo has absolutely served me well. I still struggle with the go templates, though, and recently rediscovered Zola. It’s more mature now than it was in the past and should do everything I need from it. The templates are much more natural for me.