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Soupault Looks Interesting!

While I was looking at hacker news yesterday morning, I saw Soupault linked. I had never heard of it before, but when I looked at its website, it certainly looked interesting to me. Hugo worked great for me, and Zola has been even better.

The one thing that caught my attention more than anything about Soupault is how it has a different way of doing things than normal static site generators. It doesn’t have markdown built in, but instead you can choose the format you want to use and the processor if you’d like. You can have different types too, like AsciiDoc and Markdown, depending on what I need out of it.

They say that it uses the UNIX way of approaching things by using other programs to do things like convert markdown or whatever other tools you might want to use. That approach makes a lot of sense to me. They don’t do a lot of reinventing the wheel.

I am not saying I’m thinking about switching to it, but I am checking it out. It wasn’t in the FreeBSD ports, but Ocaml is in the ports. Soupault’s website had good instructions on how to build it, and Ocaml looks interesting. I can see cases where using this instead of the SSGs that I have used would have been more beneficial, but I’ve already found other methods. I could have fed it the HTML files from my CD list and had it process those files.

This post is just me putting my thoughts in writing in case I ever get the urge to try a new approach to generating this website. I do get that itch to try something new every so often. If I am not trying new things out or learning something new, at least every so often I feel like I am wasting my life.

Here’s a link to it: Soupault