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Squats And Bench Press Felt Great Today!

Continuing on my journey of recovering from the coronavirus I did my lifts today. I wasn’t sure how it would go considering the WOD I performed yesterday felt a lot tougher than it should have.

I felt good today so I decided to do my lifts. I had thought that I might end allowing myself an extra day of rest between sessions for the time being but I woke up feeling refreshed, more so than I thought I might so I decided to continue getting into the swing of things.

While it was still lighter than I had been resetting to I did my back squats at the 190 pounds today and they felt really great. I was moving well and kept the rest between sets to a minimal to kind of up the intensity a bit. I kept the rest to about a minute and 30 seconds and that felt like it was easily more than enough. I also bumped the sets from three to five given I felt good to stretch it that way too. I got through them with ease and haven’t even lost any mobility. Not that it’s been a long time but it’s been years since I essentially laid around like I had during my illness.

Next up on my agenda was the bench press. These I did at 145 pounds today and while it felt a little tougher than it might have a few weeks ago I moved through them quickly enough. I did two extra sets of these for a total of five at my working weight and like I did with the squats, I kept my rest to a minimal of about 2 minutes between sets. I was happy with them considering it’s been a few weeks and about seven pounds lost.

I am happy with how that went. I think I made the right choice today by passing on the good mornings for now.

Music choice for the lifting was Augury

A few hours after my strength and recovering a bit I decided that I wanted to give today’s WOD a go. It was the final Vault WOD of the year and I remembered it being tough from back in June. I wanted to see how I did and if I could come close to my previous score which I did and surpassed it by about 20 reps. I was happy with that. Granted had I hadn’t caught COVID I would have beat it by much more what’s done is done and the only way to go is forward. I held off quite a bit in the earlier minuted knowing it was going to be a 25 minute AMRAP and that I haven’t really gotten my heart rate up THAT high in the past couple weeks and haven’t sustained a whole lot.

If there’s one thing that today has totally reaffirmed for me is that my main reason for doing all of my fitness stuff has really drastically helped me. The fact that I am able to do a longer WOD with at least a decent amount of intensity while still recovering from a respiratory infection is pretty awesome. At this current point in time I am really just extremely thankful to be able to get moving again and not feel like I’ve lost some extreme amount of fitness.

My music choice for the WOD was Sickening Horror because why not? I knew this WOD would be sickening from when I did it before!