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Trying Out Google Chrome

I had read about Google chrome and just had to try it out. I would’ve tried it sooner but I kept forgetting to boot into windows. I always like to try different things. I first tried to use it under wine but that didn’t work out for me. I’ll try again another time.

I was disappointed right from the beginning. No menus? No title bar? That really takes away from the usability for me and just isn’t how I prefer things to be. I only really tried it for five minutes or so and just wasn’t right for my needs.

With no title bar I guess it’s OK to make it look clean and all but it’s how I know which program the window belongs to. Imagine how confusing it could be if all of your program you have running would have a UI designed like this. To some the lack of a title bar is a good thing because they just take up space for them.

No menu bar? I really don’t like this at all. I pretty much expect all programs to have a menu bar and know where to expect to find different options or features. After a few wrong guesses I found out how to find preferences in order to find out if I can set my own back round colors and fonts for pages but I didn’t see that option. That is what would really stop me from using it.

What I did notice is it loads very fast and is fast with opening the few sites I tried. I will try it again in the future for sure.

No addons like Firefox has is a disadvantage for me too. I’ve grown used to using and being able to find addons for just about anything I might want to do.

It’s certainly different than what I’m used. It’s not really a bad thing but just doesn’t fit what I want. I’ll stick with Firefox. It’s good to see something else out there. Maybe it’ll help encourage innovation. The other thing is that Chrome is still a beta version. Time will tell how it really turns out.