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Virvum - Illuminance

Not to long ago, my thyroid medicine was off making me hypothyroid. That was fucking with my sleep schedule so I’d be dead tired all day then awake at night. I was listening to a lot of streamed music since I didn’t have my Fiio M11 yet and didn’t have a convenient way to listen to our ripped CDs. I often found myself listening to Death N Brutality or Core Of Destruction before that one was taken away. and I think that’s where I kept hearing this song that stuck in my head but it would choose not to show who the band was for whatever reason.

Fast forward to a couple of months back I came across a link to Virvum and when the song Earthwork came on I knew that was the song I’d kept hearing and really really liked. Quickly I found and ordered a copy of the CD and got quickly addicted to it.

Unlike a lot of technical death metal this album really seems to flow. There’s nothing wrong with the other stuff. I actually really enjoy that too but this was pretty special for me. To me this CD is as close to perfection as you can get without actually reaching it.

I really hope they do something else!