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Why I Love Lifting

Lifting is one of those things that I truly love doing. My favorite lift of all is squats. Every single rep gives me a sense of happiness and feels like the one time I can do something and be in complete control of the situation.

My eyes or I guess you would say poor vision really takes that away from me in many situations. Sure I can run, but there’s always the risk of not seeing a car or the thing I am most terrified of is running into a little kid out playing as they should be.

With lifting weights, it comes down to being just me against gravity. There are no other uncontrollable things that can make a difference in whether I make or miss a lift. What I wouldn’t have done to have ready access to a rack and weights when I was younger. Sure, we had a bench and I could bench all the weights we had, but that really is my least favorite lift. Back then, that seemed to be the only lift that anyone cared about.

Every single rep is different, and I love to feel and try to improve and perfect my movement patterns. They’ll never be perfect, but that’s what makes it so interesting to me. There will always be room for improvements.

No one can deny that it feels great to after a PR of some sort. Even a heavy set or a heavy single for the day feels great after you’re done.