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Wow, Something Reminded Me Of Extreme Championship Wrestling Today

Every once in a while I see a post or something that reminds me of old school ECW when it was still based in Philly. I had only discovered it by accident one evening in the mid 1990s I was looking for something to watch and came across this thing on TV called Extreme Championship Wrestling on the old sports channel. It looked interesting so I watched it.

There was blood and weapons and didn’t look as blatantly fake as stuff I saw as a kid. Also Joey Styles made it different. I mean you had sandman with his beer, cigarette and cane. Raven being Raven. Balls Mahoney being badass. Taz with his skill. Sabu doing what only Sabu could or would do.

The wrestlers seemed more like real people. It was in no way what so ever politically correct and that made it more interesting to watch. Their characters and angles just didn’t seem so forced and fake like you’d typically see in the other promotions at that time. They seemed more realistic.

I started watching it regularly and always thought it would be fun to go to the ECW arena and see a show. That never happened. I went to one in northeast Philly with my brothers and friends and it was fun but never to the actual ECW arena.

Once in a while something reminds me of it and I hunt down videos of old matches and stuff on YouTube much like ended up happening today. They had a pretty nice mix of types of matches and I’m not really sure it could’ve happened anytime but the 90s or any place but Philly. It’s a shame it died