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Crossfit Open 20.1 In The Books

Even though I’m not giving Crossfit my money to sign up for the open I still like the idea of using the WODS as a personal benchmark. I know not going to a gym will probably limit my ability to to some of them because of equipment or height restrictions in the garage but I’ll still do what I can.

I’ve always struggled with power snatches, not with weight or getting it over head but the lockout so I always was working on trying to correct that. It’s always been the same side but for whatever reason that seems to have finally worked itself out after years. I’ve only used 95 pounds for any sort of snatches in a WOD setting once when doing Isabel in the gym. Today I used The 95 pounds to do the 20.1 RXed and easily did the first 3 rounds of snatches unbroken.

The burpees were the slow part for me but that happens anytime there’s burpees over an object. One good eye with poor vision in that one means almost no depth perception. While I want to go as fast as I can I don’t want to do it to the point of taking unnecessary risks of injuries. Ultimately I do this shit to be as healthy and fit as I can.