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Got a Fiio M11

I’ve been wanting to get something for playing music through headphones for years. Really, ever since my Creative Zen died. Back then, everything was trying to be an iPod, though. After that, everything got to be smaller screens with microscopic text.

I had gotten a Fiio m7 for Molly for Christmas (the gift she didn’t know she wanted!) It sounded good though my new headphones, but the screen was too small. She hasn’t had any issues with it except for a couple of crashes.

I knew I wanted something with a bigger screen and came across some pioneer one that I almost bought but saw too many people having problems with it, so I couldn’t justify it. In my googling I saw Fiio m11 was releasing the M11 which had a big screen which was my requirement.

I pretty much like everything about the audio player. It has the headphone jack which I use most of the time, but it also has Bluetooth which is handy to hook it up the speaker in the garage for working out. Both wired and wireless, the sound is really excellent. Of course, Bluetooth isn’t as good, but it’s nice sometimes to not have a cord to get in the way or trip over.

It has Wi-Fi too and streaming apps can be installed. Sometimes I use metal stations from tunein if I don’t know what I want to listen to or want to hear new stuff. Another plus about being able to install apps is for example I was able to install the gymnext flex timer app, so the sound goes through the speaker also while WODing in the garage.

It has two micro SD cards, which is nice since the large cards are still pricey, and I needed 450 or so GB to hold all of our music. 30 years of collecting CDs there! Something like 1100 of them, all ripped in flac! It scanned the music reasonably fast, which was nice. It scanned them in much, much more quickly than Molly’s does, but it was a lot more expensive.