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Got My Phillies Overalls

I have been wanting to get them since I first saw them last summer. I don’t understand why, but they caught my attention. To be honest, I did like the white ones, but I know me, and any sort of white clothing would not be a good idea. I’m a messy eater due to my eyes, and I sweat a lot. Had I seen the Phantic ones at the shop, I’d probably have bought them anyway, but we didn’t get there. They did look cool to me.

I found them online, but have been hesitant to order them from a store I don’t know. More often than not, they have been preorders too, so that increased my hesitance. Eventually, I ordered the blue ones. Sadly, not the newer blue ones that Stubbs had on, but they’re still cool looking. They were a preorder, but it was only a week or so before they shipped from the preorder, so I pulled the trigger. I wanted to have them on the off chance we got lucky and could go to the World Series. Unlikely, we can go but not impossible.

They shipped a day later than the date that was advertised, but they were delivered a day early, so it all worked out. They arrived yesterday, so I tried them on, and they fit perfectly besides being too long. The legs are a bit too long, but I knew that from the measurements online. They are pretty comfortable and seem to be better quality than I ever expected them to be. After the playoffs, I think I will take them to get shortened.

Today I got the chance to wear them since they got here too late yesterday. I thought that they were actually comfortable. They didn’t bring any luck to the team for them to win, but that was on Kimbrel yesterday. Five runs should have been enough to win it.

I’ll definitely be wearing them around and to a game if we go to one where it’s not too hot.