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I Predicted Kyle Schwarber's Homerun

Yesterday, we went to another Phillies game. This time we went with a friend who wanted to take her son and wanted us to go with her. We walked around Citizen’s Bank Park some more this visit since it wasn’t nearly as hot as July was. Last time we were there, I was pouring sweat just sitting there.

While exploring, we wound up out beyond the outfield. I got a drink, and we checked out the view of the outfield. When we were there at the trees, I pointed out the group of trees where Kyle Schwarber hit his home run and said that he’s going to hit a lead off homer and it will go there. I’ve had the sense that he will swing more after a few days of strikeouts looking. I thought nothing of it again until the first inning, when he drove the first pitch right to that area.

After Nola’s rough start in the first inning he really settled down, only allowing one hit in the first inning. Even his rough first inning wasn’t bad. The one thing he’s been doing this year is giving up home runs, but he didn’t give any up today. He was dealing too! It’s been nice to watch him slowly improve this year after a rough start.

It was a great game, and I was glad to be there to experience it. Sure, the high scoring, game with a slew of home runs one would have been exciting to be at, but I was glad to get a chance to see Nola pitch live after being here so long. Who knows if he’ll be back playing for the Phillies next year? Hopefully, he doesn’t want too much for them to keep him.

It was great to be there for another win. Like I said in my last post about attending a game until this year, they always lost back in the nineties when I went to a few games with my dad when he got tickets from work. This year has turned into another one when you can’t really count the Phillies out, even if they’re behind. They weren’t behind today. They held the lead from the start when Kyle smacked the homer. Most of their recent wins have been comeback wins.

We’re two for two with going to games that the Phillies win, and Scharber has home runs in both of the games. I jokingly said that we should start a GoFundMe to get tickets and pay for the train to go to more games. We are helping them win!