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Phillies Braves Series Is Giving Me Hope

The Phillies, although they are losing, are giving me high hopes for the playoffs with the way they’re holding their own against the Braves.

The Phillies are continuing their ability to come back from a deficit late in the game. They did it again last night and tied the game. Unfortunately, they lost it in the tenth inning, with a little help from the umps missed strike calls. Oh, well.

The positive thing for me is how the Phillies have been at least competitive against the best team out there. They’re not just the best team this year, but the Braves are the best team in a long time. Their numbers and stats don’t lie.

It shows me that the Phillies at least have a chance if they have face the braves in the playoffs. They’ll most likely have to play against them if another team doesn’t get lucky and knock them out.