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Rowed Another 10 Thousand Meters Today

The WOD for today didn’t really look like one I wanted to do today. I’ll do it sometime but I wasn’t feeling the lunges with tired legs from yesterday’s deadlifts and squats plus the recent high amount of step ups. Actually I guess I did unweighted step ups yesterday come to think of it.

The other thing is my hands are feeling a tad raw from the deadlifts ripping a dried up blister yesterday so I didn’t want to exasperate it with pull ups. The bar has tape that Molly uses so it really grabs my hands and can tend to piss them off at times.

What I decided to do was row at least five thousand meters and hopefully ten thousand. I didn’t know how my hands would hold up for the rowing so I left the 10k as just optional for me today. I’ve been wanting to add in these longer rows again and try to build some endurance that way plus it’s always good to mix things up. I’d like to do the 10k at least once if not twice a week.

At 5k my hands felt pretty good still so I decided at that point to keep going and shoot for the 10k. About 7500 to 8k or so my hands were starting to feel a little blister but it was not a huge deal. I just adjusted my grip slightly and slowed down slightly and got through to the 10 with out any real issues. My time was maybe a minute slower than last week but not as bad as I thought it was going to do.

I had to get off the rower twice today in the middle of it. The first time was to fix the music. I meant to click on Candlemass but I apparently had clicked on Candlebox. While I don’t hate Candlebox it just wasn’t working for the row. The other time I had to get up was when I realized I forgot to grab a towel. That was about 5k in and I was just pouring sweat and needed to grab one to dry the sweat dripping off my face and dripping into my eyes some. I am a sweater and no matter what I am doing I am sweating if I am even just thinking about moving. I can’t deal with it getting in my eyes.

All in all the row felt pretty good. I felt like I was going much slower than last time but only ended up about a minute off. I felt good during and after the row and I think it’s good for me to mix things up with some lower intensity longer workout.

Hopefully I can work up to a better half marathon row than last year. Of course I won’t be two weeks or so past getting over COVID when I do so on new years this year.

Music for the row was Candlemass