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Humid This Morning But Squats And Bench Felt Pretty Good

I woke up this morning and peaked at the weather radar before getting out of bed and saw there were some weakening thunderstorms approaching. I got dressed and grabbed the cushions off the patio furniture and brought them in. By the time I got my coffee after finishing that the rain started. That was cutting it a little close.

After drinking some coffee and it getting a little later in the morning I decided to work on my strength that I skipped over yesterday while sitting in the living room waiting for a package that I may have to sign for. Turns out I didn’t have to wait but FedEx sucks.

First I did squats. Threw in a nice pause squat since it was only 200 pounds and was feeling good. I’m hoping the pause over time will strengthen my bottom position and help me drive through the sticking point at around or just above parallel. It’s helped in the past immensely with that problem.

The Bench press went surprisingly well at, a heavy for me, 180 pounds. Last week in the high heat I had failed when I fucked up and tried 185 pounds since I misread that week’s weight. I felt that having just failed heavy squats in the humidity was the biggest reason for that failure so after some debating I decided to try 180 this week. I wasn’t sure how it would go since my neck is somewhat sore from my trap doing all those power snatches the other day. It went well though, the weight felt heavy but went albeit a little slower it moved easily considering.

I was going to do a WOD after we did the other stuff we needed to do but I sort of lost track of time. Oh well. We did order to pick up at the store another air conditioner so we’ll have one for the garage. That will be nice and a big help I think. We pick that up tomorrow. We’ve been basically back and forth about going to pick one up and finally decided to just order it for curbside pickup so I was waiting around til we (she) decided what to do.

We did grab ice cream at little dippers again. I got some Penn State Raspberry one and that was awesome. As all of their others have been it is just so extremely creamy. So much better than almost anything you buy in the grocery store.

Today’s music choice was Confessor’s Unraveled. They’re such a great band! It’s a shame they’ve only done two albums 20 years apart and I can’t find their first one on CD for a reasonable price.