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Puddles Are There To Be Jumped In

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As usual, Yesterday, we went to Joy’s for date night. I may have drank a little more than I normally do tonight but not too much. We walked over so my girlfriend could drink as we always do too. It was raining but it wasn’t too bad. It’s fairly mild for a February day too. On the way home Molly even started jumping in them. Me being me I jumped in puddles on the way over before I even had anything to drink.

Went Roller Skating, Didn't Die

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The other day we went roller skating with the grand kids at the Mount Gretna Roller rink. I didn’t fall, die or break anything and it’s the first time I’ve been on roller skates since I was in elementary school. It would seem that roller skating is sort of like riding a bike, it’s just one of those things you don’t forget how to do once you learn it. Sure it was a little awkward at first but after a few minutes I was doing it like it hasn’t been 30 years since the last time I was on skates.