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Late October Storm

It’s late October and the storms are starting. One spun up off the mid Atlantic coast. That brought some snow to higher elevations.

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Winter Is On Its Way

It’s always a sign of winter coming when the leaves are turning. It’s also a good sign to see CTP talking about lake effect snows

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Hurricane Omar

Hurricane Omar has been fascinating to watch. It shows how quickly these storms can change. It rapidly intensified faster than I expected it to.


Phillies Will Be In The World Series

I haven’t watched baseball nearly as much as I did back in the day I do still enjoy it. The fact that they’re hard to find on TV doesn’t help matters. The Phillies will be in the World series and I’m looking forward to watching it!

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Phoenix Lander Might Move a Rock

This is very cool and could be very fascinating. The Phoenix lander might peek under a rock, which it wasn’t designed to do.

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Hurricane Ike Aftermath

Hurricane Ike’s aftermath is a good example of how the category doesn’t tell the whole store of the damage that can occur from tropical systems.