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A Couple Days Of Hell Like Heat

Today we should get some nice thunderstorms and there were already nice looking cells out west this morning. It will be a nice break from the past couple of days of Hell like heat.


PA Delorme and All Counties Challenge Road Trip

Molly had off last week aNd we wanted to work on the Delorme challenge and all county challenge for Pennsylvania. WE hooked up with Kevin aNd had a fun trip aRound the state. Only a few mor Grids and counties to go!

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Great Summer So Far

So far this summer has been great. The easy has been mostly a trough and no real heat so far. Hope this pattern continues into the winter too! There’s been plenty of thunderstorms too.

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No Thunderstorms Today

No thunderstorms for us today. I was hoping for some good ones but we were stuck under the remnant clouds from storms to our west overnight last night.

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My Creative Zen Vision W

Molly gave me a Creative Zen Vision W for my birthday. It’s been really great to use and so nice to be able to listen to music on my headphones in bed with it. It’s got a Large hard drive and actually physical buttons to control it!

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